Board of Directors


Professor Philip Klein

Professor Philip Klein is a Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. Born and raised in Berkeley. Started programming in seventh grade, digital logic design in eighth. Attended programming methodology lecture series as a high-school junior, where I first met CS academics such as Dijkstra. Worked at Xerox PARC after high school graduation.

A.B. in Applied Math at Harvard, summer jobs at Xerox PARC, BBN, and MIT. Ph.D. in Computer Science at MIT. Post-doc with Michael Rabin at Harvard. Taught at Brown since 1989, with occasional stints at start-up companies.

Research Focus: Algorithms, especially for optimization, and especially for graphs. An example: The traveling salesperson problem involves finding the shortest tour that visits a given set of locations. Computing the best solution is theoretically difficult, but for planar graphs (e.g. road maps), for any desired percentage error, there is an O(n log n) algorithm that is guaranteed to output a solution whose length exceeds the best by at most the given error percentage.


Mr. Iggy Ioppe

Mr. Iggy Ioppe is an investor in both technology companies and tech-driven innovative investment funds.  His investing edge comes from his software expertise and long-standing Silicon Valley friendships.  His hedge funds were among the first to apply creative data science to fundamental research. He holds an MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar), and a BS in Honors Mathematics with Great Distinction/summa cum laude from McGill University (McConnell Award).  Passionate about technology he co-authored three U.S. algorithmic patents. Mr. Ioppe is passionate about sharing his love of technology and computer science with youth around the world. He believes that computer science should be a core part of primary and secondary education. A native of Moscow, Iggy is a long time U.S. Permanent Resident and a Canadian citizen.  He is fluent in Russian and reads French.  He has lived and worked in four countries.